Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why I love brinner

Breakfast for dinner = Brinner. We love brinner at our house. My husband loves it because breakfast is his favorite meal. My toddler loves it because he gets fruit, usually something sweet and another glass of orange juice in the evening. I love it because it's ridiculously easy, healthy and frugal. You'll be surprised how cheap it is to add this to your dinner rotation because you have almost everything you need in your kitchen right now! Don't believe me? Let's examine.

Let's take what we had for dinner tonight:
Whole Grain Banana Pancakes (added diced bananas to the original recipe)
Scrambled Eggs
Turkey Bacon
Orange Juice

Eggs were $0.88 a carton at Kroger last week So that means for a really cheap price I can offer my family vitamin D, Omega 3's and protein. Nice. I have all of the ingredients on hand, minus the buttermilk, for the pancakes and I got a ton of bananas for cheap while at the store on Tuesday. The turkey bacon was free after coupon from Pssst and OJ was $1.38 after coupon. Add that all up and I spent $4.74 on everything needed for dinner. Did I use all of that stuff up? Nope, so the actual cost for dinner is broken down here for you:

Scrambled Eggs (4): $0.30
Buttermilk: $0.74
Eggs for pancakes: $0.15
3 Glasses OJ: $0.40
banana: $0.05
Total for Dinner: $1.64

Was it fancy? No. Was it delicious? We were full, nourished and had leftovers to boot! My husband commented that the pancakes were better than anything he could order at a restaurant and he was right. Not only did they taste fabulous but I get to control the ingredients. Do you think you could feed your family for $1.64 at IHOP? I doubt it. We get as many glasses of OJ as we want, never have to wait on the waitress to bring something to our table and we can eat it all in our PJ's! Sometimes just getting out the door is an ordeal - I'm all about staying in! Give it a try. I promise it will be a go-to favorite in no time.

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Bethany said...

I am a big fan of 'brinner', too! My toddler thinks something is wrong with Mommy for giving him "cancakes" for supper :) But it is super easy, especially in the summer when you don't want to crank up the oven. I think we'll be trying brinner soon!