Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's Dish 7/24

Hey Everyone! How are ya'll doing today? I'm so glad it's Saturday I could just scream! Want to know what else I could scream about? An email from Pottery Barn showcasing their new Fall collection!
No, I'm not rushing out to buy out the whole Pottery Barn store (or take out a second mortgage to do it, ha!) but just seeing the word fall has me filled with excitement. I love fall. I love the color schemes, the warmth, the feeling I get when I see all of the decor at Hobby Lobby or Target. All of it. It is my absolute favorite. I probably have a few boxes of fall decorations and I love my house when it's all out. Funny quirk about me. I get so excited about putting my decorations out but I don't want to violate any decor rules so first thing September 21st up they go! I'm such a nerd :) Last year I got the most beautiful leaf wreath at Pier One on super 75% discount and I'm so excited to put it up this year! I also love how just a few days after fall officially kicks off it's my birthday, then my oldest sons, then the holiday season kicks into full swing. Oh my goodness, do I ever love the holidays!

How about ya'll? What's your favorite season? Tell us why you love it and share some fun, special things you do to make it your favorite!

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Courtney said...

Perfect topic!! I am a Fall Fanatic and a Winter Fan. I also love fall for all the colors, and the hopefully cooler weather. I have a ton of fall decor too, Christmas stuff I think I counted 10 boxes total after the sales last year. I am actually making a new fall wreath this year, I have been using Michael's and Hobby Lobby 40% off coupons to buy things. I am all about the fall/winter clothes. Hello scarfs!! I was telling my friend the other day that my scarfs were taunting me. I also have a bunch of fall/winter candles all ready to be lit. Christmas is my #1 holiday. We have a not so fond of tradition of either my mom is deployed or my mom was gone last year, so yep my husband leaves in September.