Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kroger (Dillons) Shopping Trip Take 2 - Saved another $160!

Of course the news about the Kraft Catalina came out after I got back from my crazy mega sale shopping trip last week! Free cheese? Yes, please! We ventured out to Dillons today, a Kroger store about an hour north of where we are. The drive was easy and the store was just like Kroger and I still used my Kroger card like usual! The staff was super friendly and I got a wonderful cashier that let me do a million different transactions. My husband told me that I need to start doing videos of everything each week so I decided I'd just start small and show you what I got from the sale. Next time, I'm going to take the camera in the store with me, well, charged anyway. I had my pocket camera today, ready to go and the battery was dead. Oh well. Remember, this is my very first "vlog" so be nice and don't think I'm too big of a nerd :)

Overall I spent $55 and saved $160! $10 of the $55 was spent on OJ, Eggs, Milk and pickles. I know, it sounds like we were shopping for a pregnant girl, but trust me, we weren't. My boys LOVE pickles and we were out. So, mega sale speaking, I spent $45 and saved $160 - that's 82% in savings!
In the video I only said "free cheese", but the shredded and block cheese is $0.88 after sale and catalina which is still a GREAT deal on kraft cheese! A super plus of buying the Kraft? Not only do you get free (or cheap) Kraft products, but for every 5 you buy Kraft donates 5 meals to the needy - we helped donate 25 meals today :)
And finally, one of the main arguments against coupons is that they only help with buying junk food. While most "coupon" food is boxed or packaged, there are a lot of great items out there that you can still take advantage of. I was able to buy 2% Kraft cheese (I prefer the block but they were all out), whipped cream cheese, 100% pure, no sugar added grape juice, mayo made with olive oil, light dressing with heart healthy fats, multi-grain snacks and new nitrate and additive free hotdogs made with angus beef.

While I would love to only buy organic and completely whole, natural food for my family it just is not possible right now. For the time being, I'll use coupons to make the most of what God has given me. Not too shabby if you ask me :)


Courtney said...

Ok I totally don't remember you having such a southern accent! lol. I am thinking a trip to Kroger in Waycross when my daughter goes back to school is much needed!

(Great Video!) :0)

Heather said...

Great shopping trip! I'm going to try and make it to Kroger again tomorrow for more deals on the Kraft cheese. Great video too...