Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Kroger Trip 7/15 - Saved $160!

Yes, you read that right - I went to Kroger today :) Last Saturday we had a family get together at my grandfather's house and I left my camera there. Luckily, he was heading to my aunt's house this week and dropped it off for me - that same town just happens to have a Kroger and I just happened to be willing to come get it today :) It was no small feat. I had my two boys with me - you probably saw me in there. I was the crazy woman with one child in a moby wrap and the other in the cart. I was the same lady whose toddler decided he had to go to the bathroom "right now!" when we were at the very back of the store and again when I was counting my mega sale items in the middle of the laundry aisle, stuff all over the floor in know, the usual. There I was with my two boys, full cart and sweat rolling down my back mozying to the bathroom not once, but twice. I told the ladies at checkout that I was sure that nobody was jealous of me today - ha! It was indeed worth it and we actually had a really great time. Does it matter that we had to stop at 3 different bathrooms on our way home because my oldest "had to pooooooooop"? Not at all - check out my loot! Muahahahaha - felt so good to get 77 items for only $62! Can you imagine paying $62 for that at Walmart? It would never happen.
A few of my favorite items are the Red Gold Tomatoes - normally $1.55 a can, only $0.49 with the sale and only $0.24 after coupon.

Another one are these Contessa Meals - high quality, fast and free of any additives AND low fat! I got two bags for $2.48 each after coupon meaning I can feed our family a take out style dinner for only $5.

I love Maxwell House Coffee, it's my absolute favorite.

There are cans availabe that have coupon booklets on the top with $1/1 Coffee coupons (making the big tub only $4.49) and $1/1 Starbucks Ice Cream coupons making the pints only $0.97!
I tried to scan the store, as much as my boys would let me, to find extra deals and saw that Pillsbury savorings and Tyson Breaded Chicken bags were also included in the Mega Sale. I also saw some Lean Cuisines were only $1.52 making that deal even better. I found some tyson chicken nuggets that were All Natural and decided to keep them around for random occasion. We aren't big chicken nugget eaters but every now and again we might be. They were $3.99 after Mega Deal and I had $1/1 *from the 4/25 Smart Source* coupons making them $2.99 for a giant bag - awesome!
I also saw that our region has the Activia for only $1.50 after the mega sale discount, making them only $0.50 after coupon!
There were $1.19 closeout dannon danimal smoothie drinks (the strawberry kiwi) that count as part of the deal and were better than free after discount and $1/1 coupon. I tried out the Dannon Catalina and it worked :)
I got some other regular ad items like lunchmeat, vegetables, cheese and some marked down bags of apples. I really miss being able to take advantage of the markdowns.  I noticed something on my reciept today that I had never noticed before. It had my Kroger Card Savings from Jan 1st - over $1100! And that is not including the coupons I use. So thanks to you Kroger for running so many great specials and saving my family so much money!

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $223
Total Spent: $63 for 77 items!
Total Saved: $160 or 71%


Diane said...

Awesome shopping trip! I plan to make my run to Kroger this weekend once all of my coupons come in!

Heather said...

What a great shopping trip! I love Kroger!