Friday, July 16, 2010

Kroger Coupon Issues

Several of you have emailed me lately detailing the difficulty you have had using your perfectly acceptable coupons at your local Kroger store. First, let me apologize for any trouble you have had. It is completely unneccesary for anyone to have issues using any coupons at Kroger. I've gotten emails about internet printables, coupons over $1 or things that state you can have free items. I have emailed Kroger corporate to get an official statement for you to take with you when you shop but until then I can only say that at the bottom of their flyer it states they double all coupons up to $0.60 and on their website they encourage you to take internet printables as well as e-coupons shopping with you. I'll let you know when I get an official statement. For now, let's list the Kroger stores you have found to be coupon friendly. Here are mine:

Goodman Road Kroger in Horn Lake, Ms
Goodman Road Kroger in Southaven, Ms
Russellville, Ar Kroger
Kroger on Germantown Pkwy in Cordova, TN

Leave your coupon friendly (or unfriendly) store in the comment section for your fellow shoppers!


Tatums said...

I LOVE my Kroger on Stage Rd. in Bartlett, TN.

Courtney said...

not coupon friendly :( ....Hwy 51 Madison.

Jennifer said...

My store in Murray Kentucky is VERY coupon friendly!!!

Kelly said...

I shop at Kroger in Madison, MS on Hwy 51 and at Highland Colony and I always have a huge stack of coupons and almost never have an issue. If I have it is quickly corrected at customer service!

Ginny said...

The Germantown Kroger on Exeter Rd. is fairly coupon friendly. There are a few cashiers that won't take internet coupons valued at $2 or more. I haven't had a problem with the free coupons. I just try to check out with friendly cashiers :)

Diane said...

I always shop at the Kroger at Mendenhall and Sanderlin. 99% of the time, no issues. I just try to pick the right cashiers! :) I also like the Kroger at Poplar and Highland.