Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Shopping Trips 7/7

I went to Aldi, Harp's and (gasp) Walmart this week. Blah. As we talked about over here, none of us really enjoy Wal-Mart but out of neccessity I went today. My plan is to spend no more than $30 each week on neccessities and use the leftover $120 to make a montly trip to Dillons or Kroger to stock up on their great deals. Here's what I got:



I think I actually got my first good coupon deal at Wally today. They had Betty Crocker brownie mix for $0.75 each and I had a $0.75/2 coupon making them only $0.37 each - not too bad! If you are going to already be in Wal-mart then see if yours has these marked down too and don't forget to take coupons from here or here with you.

Aldi: $18.53
Walmart: $5.76
Harp's: (Organic carrots not pictured) 1.79
Total Spent: $26.08

I still need to get Milk so that will bring my total to around $28.50 for the week. How did ya'll do?


Courtney said...

Boo on not having a kroger! I dislike walmart too, but I do find I get better deals on things that don't usually go on sale or have coupons. I haven't gotten my cookbook rush if you haven't sent it but just letting you know in case it got sent back to you or something.

Bethany said...

Hey Courtney! You should be getting it any day now - let me know!