Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's Dish 8/28

Hope everyone is doing well! I love Saturday - my husband is home all day and let's me sleep in while he takes the boys out and about...what more could you ask for? Can you believe September starts this next week? Time is just flying by this year!

For some reason, this week, I have been thinking about a discussion I saw on a message board a long time ago and wanted to see what your thoughts were. Do you think it's wrong to take candy or drinks into a movie when the sign clearly states, "No outside food or drink allowed"? You may be thinking, "What's the big controversy with that?" But let me tell you, I have never seen such a heated discussion over what you would think would be a no big deal topic! I'll be honest and say that I've brought my own $1 store candy into the movie before and never really gave it much thought but now, as a parent, I want to teach my kids to be honest and I'm not sure I can do that around them and not feel guilty. I don't think we're bankrupting the movie industry (don't get me started on them!) but I am starting to see it as a moral issue.

So, let's dish about it - what are your thoughts? Be kind and respectful of each others views.


Laura said...


In a black and white world - it's clearly against the rules. So, it's wrong.

In a grey world - our world - it's a rule I don't mind bending. And that's because of the reasoning behind the rule. It's not because they don't want ANY food in the theater - it's because they want you to buy Their food. Not an unreasonable request - except that Their food is beyond my budget more often than not.

It's probably wrong, but I can't feel bad about bringing in a .50 bag of skittles instead of spending 3.50 for the same thing. Especially when 2 of us just spend $32 dollars on the movie (I wish I were kidding)

How would I explain in to the kid? Well, honestly, I probably wouldn't until they were old enough to ask about it. At that point, I'd hope they were old enough to understand the cost/benefit ratio. And, if they didn't agree with me, if it really bothered them, then I would say, "you're right" and I wouldn't bring in the candy (but I also probably wouldn't buy any there)

And, I do think there's a difference in bringing in a small bag of candy and bringing in an entire Mcdonald's meal or something. If you're gonna break the rule, at least be discreet. ;o)

Heather said...

I honestly think it's wrong. I think it's extremely wrong of them to charge you such amounts for candy in their theaters, but adding another wrong to it does nothing. It would be hard for me to do it and then tell my children to be honest. I would not be offended and judgemental if someone else did it, lol of course, but I wouldn't do it. It's just one of those personal choices to obey all rules and laws of man unless they go against my spiritual beliefs. :)

Stacy said...

It's hard to be judgemental about people bringing their own candy into a theater. Afterall, don't we all "steal" in little ways all the time? We don't pay the parking meter, but move our cars before the meter reader gets there. Stealing. We take a few extra shampoo samples from the cleaning cart at the hotel as we leave to check out. Stealing. Even with coupons, we look for loopholes; tricks to stretch our coupons further than perhaps they were meant to stretch. I can think of many posts where someone has posted, "Guess what! There's a glitch in the system that's allowing _____". Isn't that stealing, really? Truth be told, the theaters have already stolen from the consumer with the high, ticket prices before we ever walk in the door. I'm not saying it's right, simply not an issue than has more than one answer.

The Beaudoins said...

I think it would be downright naive of a theater owner to expect everyone to pay $4.50 for a soda, or $5.00 for $.25 of popcorn.

Usually my family brings in our own food and then we purchase a large drink there, which comes with free refills. I love going to Fresh Market or Whole Foods and getting a few bites of as many types of candy, dried fruit & veggies, etc. as I want. I will not commit to the theater's 800-calorie-size of one type of junk food. It's not good for the health of their patrons or their pocketbooks. The food offerings are actually insulting, in most theaters. Where I live, the theaters don't even have real pretzels anymore- they have waxy, stale pretzels out of a bag. Certainly not worth $4.00.

If you bring something that the theater does not sell (such as 100% fruit snacks, crunchy pretzels, gourmet candy, anything organic, or dried fruits/nuts), you are not putting them out by purchasing the competition. It is a completely different market.

As long as you are respectful and discreet, I say bring what you truly want, especially if the theater does not cater to your diet. They should be happy with the $11.00 ticket you just purchased.

Courtney said...

It's so funny that this was the topic since we went to the movies yesterday afternoon.

I grew up bringing in my own candy. It's just too expensive. We are all on budgets. I don't feel bad at all. We usually buy a popcorn and drink to split anyways. It cost all 3 of us $32.00 to go to a 3:00p.m. movie yesterday.

I agree with Laura on if Mikayla were to ask why we brought our own candy I would just explain it to her. I doubt she will. I do she the typical teenager thing happening when she's older. (Being embarrassed ) I don't even want to know what the cost of movies will be then!