Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let's Dish 8/7

Happy Saturday! I hope ya'll are doing well. I thought we'd dish today about shopping styles. How often do you grocery shop? Do you always use coupons? When shopping with coupons do you use a binder, an envelope or something else? Share with us!
I have a coupon binder with baseball card pages that I stick coupons in and I usually grocery shop every Monday unless it's my "monthly" trip up to Dillons and then that is on a Saturday. I buy the same stuff each week - milk, oj, carrots, salad stuff, fresh vegetables and fruit and then a few items on sale for stock up. What about you?


Tatums said...

I like to shop on Monday morning. However, since I live about 2 mins. from Kroger and Walgreens I tend to make multiple "small" trips when I see deals that I just can't pass up.

I have had so many people tell me that Walmart is cheaper than Kroger, but when I shop sales and stock up I find no need to torture myself by going to Walmart.

Tatums said...

Oh yeah... I have started using Huggies wipe boxes for my coupons. You know the really cute polka dot ones. I use card stock to make category dividers. These boxes are wider than a normal index card box. It makes clipping so much easier. If there is a strip of toothpaste coupons, I just cut the strip and it fits perfectly. No more "cramming", folding and precise cutting to make them fit. It works very well for me.

Bethany said...

The Huggies wipes box is a FAB idea! I love that! When I lived in Southaven, I had a Kroger, Walgreens, CVS and Schnucks 2 mins from my house and went "deal" shopping all.the.time. I miss it but I'm becoming more disciplined now that i have to - ha!

Brogers7684 said...

I go to Kroger once a week when i can go without my obviously not the same day every week ;)...but what i do is the day i know i am going i do all kinds of research online and get my coupons in order with the way i walk thru the kroger. i also print out all my coupons that i have on my kroger card and highlight the ones i know im going to use and if i have a manufacture coupon to go with it, i write out beside my highlighted coupon how much my MC is that goes with that. i use paper clips. very simple, have tried binders, boxes etc and paper clips work the best for me!

Vonda Axe said...

Ok, I usually grocery shop once every two weeks. We do not have a Krogers so I go to Wal-Mart. I go to Target or Wal-Mart sometimes during those two weeks, but I usually am just going somewhere to pass the time that is air conditioned. I always use coupons, and I only have a plastic bag I use so it is a little cumbersome. I go grocery shopping on Friday nights or Saturday.

Laura said...

I got a little plastic coupon file for $1 somewhere that I use. I'm not to the point where I always have a coupon to use, but I do go through them weekly and try to plan around them the best I can.

I try to shop once a week, but really, I usually end up going all through the week. It's a habit I'm trying to work on. I'm bad about remembering something after I get home or not realizing that we were out of XYZ. Plus, we shop at 3/4 grocery stores every week to get all we need for the best deal. So, often I'll end up doing one or two of them one day, and go to the others as needed during the week.

But, I'm trying to change that. Today, We made a big grocery run. And my goal for the week is to not go again till next Saturday. I'm not picky about when I go, I've never really noticed a problem with crowds.

Bethany - I think you should do a blog post about your coupon book - I'd never heard of doing it that way, but I think it's a neat idea.