Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Shopping 8/23

This past friday my family and I ran to Dillons to take advantage of a few more of the Mega Sale deals - after finding out about the jelly and biscuit deals I just had to go back! I was so thankful for the Reduced Sugar jelly that is free of any artificial sweeteners, has only 5 grams of sugar and has grapes listed as the first ingredient! I don't remember my total savings but I only spent $35 and I got 32 mega deal items in addition to some other regular sale stuff including 3 bags of chicken on sale for $1.66/lb - that is a stock up price! So, $15 of my total was just chicken. Anything refrigerated or frozen (6 bags of biscuits, some toaster strudels, smart balance butter, cookie dough and kroger frozen vegetables) didn't make it in the picture.
I ran a few errands yesterday to Harps and Target. I like to get some fresh produce at Harps since they have a pick any 5 for $9.99 special.
My husband takes his lunch every single day so I took advantage of getting the snack packs for only $0.30 each, the natural peanut butter for $1 and the free salad dressing (not pictured). For some reason, the Low Acid OJ is only $2.08 regular price at my Target which is very ok with me :)
Also, my favorite cleaner was on clearance for $1.38 and I had $1/1 coupons! The travel packs were free after the $3/3 coupons. See all of the great target deals here.

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