Thursday, August 5, 2010

What in the world is a Catalina?

I have listed quite a few great deals lately that involve Catalina's and thought I'd try my best to explain them to ya'll. When you shop at your local Kroger, or any other Grocery store (some Target Stores have them now) You will notice that there are two machines next to the register. One will print your receipt and the other is what is called a "Catalina Printer". The Catalina printer will print coupons, advertisements and if purchased according to "the rules", an on your next order (OYNO) coupon. Let's take the Capri Sun Deal for example.

This week at Kroger, if you buy 2 Capri Sun you get a $1 OYNO coupon, buy 3 get a $2 OYNO coupon and buy 4 get a $4 OYNO coupon. Most couponers take the catalina into account of the price (kind of like with the register reward). Even though you will be paying the full price out of pocket, the catalina is like getting cash back, so it is taken off your total, like this:
Buy 4 Capri Suns - $1.98 each
Pay $7.92
Get back $3
So it is like paying $4.92 or $1.23 each

Most Catalinas will roll, meaning, you can turn around, buy 4 more Capri Sun packs, pay with the $3 catalina you received and get another one back and keep on going. The register will read the Catalina OYNO coupons just like cash.

1) Catalinas should print with your reciept after you pay
2) You can use a Catalina to pay for any transaction, like it is cash
3) Most Catalinas will roll and you can do the deal over and over

But what happens when it doesn't print?
This actually happens a lot, unfortunately. When it does, you have two options.
1) Go to customer service, have them re-ring it and 9/10 times it will print.
2) Call the Catalina company, with your receipt in hand and they will mail you the Catalina that should have printed. The Kroger number is 1800KROGERS and you can call the Catalina company at 1-888-8coupon or contact them here

I have had to do both of these without problem - most of the time everyone is really nice about it and has no issue wanting to resolve it for you. Just make sure to keep your receipt.

How do I know about these Catalinas?
Often times you will see a sign by the product in the store or you will get advance notice from the catalina machine when you check out. I also scan other blogs to see what other shoppers have posted about.

Remember, they do have an expiration date so don't forget about them! I know this is confusing, let me know if I can clear it up in any way.

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