Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Cart Buster Event!

Look what I just got in the mail! Who else is excited?! The last time they did the Cart Buster sale I was able to get $74 worth of groceries for $8! Did you get a sneak peak in the mail? Would you like me to go ahead and type up participating items so you can see what is going to be included? Let me know!

Edited to Add: Here is a picture of the items on my mailer - as we all know though, there will be tons more not on this list. I do not know exactly when it starts but the coupons in my flier expire 9/26.  I'm guessing it will start next Wednesday so get ready now!


Tonydaniellemoore said...

Would love any info on this that you can provide. When is this sale? I did not see anything in out add about it!

susan said...

I would love to know more about this. This week's sales are not just GREAT. I feel almost guilty checking out with so few coupon. lol Last week I did great, but this week was a lot of the same sales and I had already used my coupons. I'm anxiously awaiting my mailman this afternoon. Hope I get a preview too!

Diane said...

Awesome! I hope the mailman brings me the same booklet today! This week's sales stink. I was really hoping for boneless, skinless chicken breast to go on sale again and they haven't in our region for some reason. Hopefully next week is better!