Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Catalina Issue Contact Information

So many of you (me included!) have had issues in the past with your Catalina promotion not printing. While I try and give some ways to contact the Catalina company here, Jennifer just emailed me with this great new information letting you contact them via email. Thanks for letting us know Jennifer!

Contact at

And here is the information they will need from you that can be found on your receipt:

Thank you for contacting the Catalina Marketing Helpdesk,
In order to assist you please provide the following information:
-Store telephone Number:

-Date of Transaction:

-Time of Transaction:

-#S after the date and time:

-Frequent Shopper Card Number if used:

You may also scan and attach your receipt to this email.

Your reference number for this request is:___. Please be sure to include this number along with the word fulfillment in the subject line on all correspondence.
Thank You

You should get a reply within 48 hours and in resolution have your catalina mailed to you.

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Lchattin10783 said...

I've haven't been having much luck with the Catalina's at my store. How do you know when you will get a Catalina? I go by the Catalina Alerts that you post and I haven't been getting them. When I went to the customer service desk to ask about them they always want to know where I heard that I should be getting a Catalina for that product. For instance, I bought PB crescent rolls today and didn't get a Catalina at the checkout. I asked about it and she said if there isn't a sign posted, then I shouldn't be getting one. Sorry, I'm still trying to get the hang of all this. I was just wondering how you find out about the Catalina deals and if they should be the same for all the stores in the area.