Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did you do this deal?!

Did any of you take advantage of this deal? Well I did and I was very pleasantly surprised tonight when my order came in! Look at all of the GREAT free samples that were in that grab bag!
 My total was $28.38 but I got $3.24 in cash back making my total just a little over $25! Even if I don't count the samples, I got packages of 7 generation diapers for only $6.16 each shipped to my front door!
 Look at all these great samples: full size deodorant, razors, and bath bars plus multi use travel shampoo and conditioner, burts bees wash and 2 more multi use body wash samples! There is also a one time sample of yes to carrots, yes to cucumbers and pumpkin hand cream.
 There were fun edible samples including 2 full size granola bars, one sample larabar and a single pack of blue almond nuts! There were 3 different effervescent mixes and 4 different types of tea
There's the full size Men's Body wash that I got for only $0.49, a load of laundry detergent, double doses of homeopathic cold and flu treatments as well as a full bottle of muscle ache tablets and a sample of ricola cough drops! Not to mention the really nice reusable tote that will earn me $0.05 every time I shop at Target or Dillon's!

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thebigredpot said...

Robin - If you have the time (or energy) I would call them about that. I see what you mean and I have a feeling they may offer you a different freebie in place of this if they ran out. Let me know!


just let them know you are looking at the offer and it says expires 11/15!