Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let's Dish 11/5

Did you know that as of November 17th, The Big Red Pot will have been on the web for a whole year!?! Isn't that crazy! In honor of my "Bloggiversary" I have lots of fun giveaways lined up. I love my readers so, so, so much and I absolutely love giving things away to y'all. If I could, I'd give each of you something. Seriously, I would.

So, while I already have some fun things in the works, what types of giveaways would y'all like to see either this month or sometime in the future? I mean, just because I'm excited about giving you a certain thing does not mean you are as excited about that thing, you know?

So, Let's Dish about it - and I mean it, tell me what types of giveaways would light your fire, rev your engine and rock your world!

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