Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whatcha Makin?

(Don't you LOVE this turkey my MIL got me?!)
Is everyone preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow? We are heading down to spend the day with my Aunt, her two kids, close family friends and Grandfather. My husband's sister lives in the same town, so we'll be able to visit with his family too! We alternate Thanksgiving each year: Last year we were at my in-law's house (and I was 38 1/2 weeks pregnant!) so this year we'll be with my family. There were lots of prior obligations so we won't be having a huge family get together like usual but the food will still be soooo good and we'll miss everyone that won't be there!

I am making a Candy Crunch pie, Crockpot Mac N Cheese and a Marinated Shrimp recipe that I'll share on friday...if it's any good! What are y'all cooking today?

If I have one piece of advice for tonight it's this: make it a feed yourself night with sandwiches, leftovers, pull something out of the freezer or more radically, spend the evening fasting, reflecting on all we have to be thankful for and preparing for all of the rich and delicious food we are blessed with! With all of the cooking and cleaning that goes into preparing a large holiday meal, the last thing you need to do tonight is cook again!

And if you don't have plans for Thanksgiving and you're in Russellville, let me know and I'll bring you a plate!

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