Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We sure did. After a week of everyone (but me) in our home being sick, it was really nice to have a happy, healthy, busy weekend - hence me not posting very much!
Friday night we had our Sunday School Christmas party. I brought a Caramel Italian Creme Cake and Cranberry Walnut Baked Brie. We had so much fun eating, visiting and playing an ornament exchange.
Our new friends had their brand new baby girl on Thursday so we drove out to see her in the hospital on Saturday and she was just beautiful! They did not find out the sex until delivery and it just drove me insane, I could never do that!
On Sunday, we had some of our new friends from church over to celebrate my youngest's first birthday. Our house was full of food, laughter and friendship and my heart was just overflowing with joy. I'd have large groups of friends and family over to my house every week if I could! My friend Robin made these cute cookies, she is so talented! You should visit her site here and place an order :)
What did y'all do this weekend? Anything fun or exciting. Regardless of what you did, I hope it was full of joy and peace! Now, let's get back to our 12 days of baking...

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