Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Morning

After finishing this week's Kroger Ad my boys and I decided to run to Aldi to pick up a few fresh items and some sandwich bags for my husbands lunch since we were out. If you have an Aldi in your area I encourage you to go check it out. I love so many things I can get from there and even when I lived in Southaven and had 3 Krogers within a mile of my house, I still shopped at Aldi! I got everything pictured (including a cantaloupe not pictured) for only $26 (two 3 lb bags of oranges, one 3 lb bag of gala apples, a cucumber, a cantaloupe, a 3 pack of stoplight peppers, a 3 lb bag of onions, a tub of smoked turkey lunch meat, 1 lb ground beef, 2 vinegars, 1 loaf bread, 1 bag turkey meatballs, sour cream, nutrigrain bars and a 300 ct sandwich bags)
Aldi is about a 15 minute drive from my house but only 2 minutes away from my husbands work so every week when we run over to Aldi, we stop by and eat lunch with him (As is evidenced by my childs ketchup stained shirt). An added bonus? His work is to a huge recycling center! Just 15 minutes landed us 90 inserts for free!
As I mentioned here, make sure to call ahead and ask permission before going by - our recycling centers encourage us to come! Most papers are completely intact and you just have to open to the center and pull the inserts out - everything is organized into bins according to type and there is no trash/garbage what so ever. If you have a recycling center nearby, I promise it is worth your time!

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Sara said...

Would you mind doing a post on what you do with all the inserts? do you cut all the coups or save the inserts? Also, what is your coupon filing system?