Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Savings 1/15 - Saved 89% at Dillons (Kroger) and 85% at Harps

I was able to run to Dillon's (a kroger store an hour north of me) last Saturday to do another PG run and grab a few other things on sale. Here is my PG transaction (I always do these seperately to make sure my $ off comes off correctly) My total, including tax for 32 items was only $12.75!
The Toilet Paper and Paper towels alone are more than that when not on sale! I rarely buy paper towels but my husband loves having them around so when I can get them for $3.99 or lower I buy them. These will easily last us until summer. Here is my "other" stuff transaction. I was able to get 8 boxes of cereal, 2 giant bags of cereal, 4 boxes of nutri grain bars, a sirloin markdown, cheese, coffee creamer, some yogurt, vegetables, soap, oatmeal and bogo candy bars (after coupon). My total, including tax was $30.30!
I was so excited to get out of there only spending $43 on everything. Such great deals. This week, I did some stocking up with the great deals at Harps. I can't even begin to tell y'all how excited I was about the peanut butter and cheese stock up opportunity! We were low on both so I really needed to re-stock. My total for everything pictured was only $14.50! I got 9 peanut butter, 5 best life spreads, 2 cough drops, 8 cheese, 2 birdseye vegetables and 2 old fashioned oat tubs - what a steal! I also got a 10 lb bag of potatoes, some roma tomatoes, celery, carrots and crabmeat (all part of the $10/10), not pictured.

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