Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5

Day 5: Clean and Sanitize your Sink

I'm sorry I'm getting this up so late! We'll go easy since it's so late in the day. Today, take the time to really clean the inside and edges of your sink. All of it. Grab a rag and some of your dish liquid and just rub the whole sink down with hot, soapy water. Once everything is rinsed and all residue, crumbs, etc have been wiped down and removed, take a different rag with pure white vinegar on it and rub the whole sink down again. This will take care of anything else that was not cleaned during the soapy process. Last, take a lemon or lime slice and throw it down your disposal. Turn the water to hot and run your disposal until the slice is completely gone. Tomorrow is Sunday so enjoy your day of rest and I'll see you back Monday for a check-in.

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