Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Savings - Walgreen's and Target

We have had one crazy week around here! I did a little bit of shopping Monday before I came down with the stomach bug Monday night and all day Tuesday. Then, on Tuesday, we were hit with a crazy winter snow storm and I've been stuck inside my house until today! You just don't realize how much you "go" until you can't. Here are my two trips this week. I went to Target on Monday and grabbed all of this for only $2.50. Total before sales and coupons was $12.24
Then I went back to Target today and grabbed everything you see here for only $2.11 . I got really lucky with my cashier, after looking at my receipt, I saw where she pushed the whole $5 coupon through on my Maalox even though they were only $3.84 - that gave me $1.16 in overage! A week or so ago, when I was shopping at Target I got a catalina for a free box of Lean Pockets, not sure how/why but definitely no complaints so those were free too! I *should* be able to get a rebate on one of the boxes of cereal and if so my whole transaction will be a money maker! Total before sales and coupons: $30.85
Last, here are all of my items from 3 Walgreens trips. I was so excited that my stores were very well stocked on the Neuragen so I was able to do the deal 3 times with plenty of stock on the shelf for others to take part in the deal! Total spent on everything pictured was $7.79 after register rewards I was actually paid $11 to buy everything here!! I wanted to buy more snackerz (and yes, one had already been eaten by photo time by the hubs) but every store I went to was sold out! Everything below without sales and coupons would have been $149.54 - instead I paid $7.79 out of pocket and have $20 in Register Rewards leftover.
Last, we ran by Staples and grabbed two 12 packs of post-it notes and spent $0 - not even tax. Pre coupon total would have been $23.58.
Total Value of Everything: $216.21
Total Spent: $12.40
Total of Register Rewards and Rebates: $22.50
Total Savings: 100% plus a $10 profit

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