Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spread the Love

We were in a church service this past Sunday that talked about loving each other - not just fake love, but real, genuine love where you care about the well being of others.

I started this blog as a personal recipe catalog but it eventually morphed into a money savings site that has a few frugal recipes thrown in! I keep this blog up because I truly wish that everyone would use coupons. I know, I sound like a crazy coupon lady, but I know the benefits of taking advantage of the resources out there - the resources available to every single one of us. I know that your family really can live better if you stretch your budget further by paying attention to what you shop for, where you shop and how you shop. Not only will your personal budget go farther, but you will be in a position to bless others in the process.

I say all of this to say I want to encourage you to share your couponing knowledge with others too. Most of us have no idea how others might be struggling and saving an extra $100 a month on their grocery budget could be the difference in whether their electricity is shut off or not. While I would love for you to continue to build the fun community we have here on the Big Red Pot, I honestly would just like for you to spread the word. It can be by sharing this site, another site or starting your own. It could be by handing an extra coupon to someone you see in the aisle. Don't just keep this to yourself - spread the love.

Being that this is my site, and because I love how much fun we all have, I would love to reward you for your efforts. When this site following or facebook following reaches 500 followers I will give one lucky reader a $50 Visa Gift Card. Anyone can enter but for those of you that spread the love you will get an extra entry for each person you refer! But the fun won't end there - if we get to 1000 followers on facebook I'll give one of you a $100 Gift Card!

Right now there are 209 Followers on Facebook - if just one of you referred someone new that would bring us to 418! So, what are you waiting for? Spread the love!

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