Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shopping Trips 3/22

I ran a few small errands before and after we took advantage of eating at Chili's tonight (our grand total for all of us to eat plus leftovers was a whopping $10.82! Please and Thank You!)

First I ran into Walgreens. With both of my boys. Right before dinner time. I should probably get a crown or something - ha! I was seriously doubting I would get anything good since today was my first time in the store but it was completely stocked!

I was able to grab everything in one transaction so that was good and everything you see ended up being an overall money maker! I paid $2.21 including tax (I had $2 in Register Rewards from last week) for the toothbrushes, eyeliner and floss picks and got back $11 in Register Rewards! I'm LOVING this Almay make up deal - you honestly just can't beat it and since I already love their eye liner and mascara I'm in heaven this week :) You can see all of the great Walgreen's deals here.

After dinner we ran into Target where I got everything you see on the right for $8.43. I was randomly surprised by the Tyson Chicken Nuggets. They are originally $4.99 and were on sale for $1.99 - that's a steal and will be great to have around for a quick lunch or dinner for the boys. Check out the target deals here.

Overall I spent $10.64 out of pocket and have $11 in Register Rewards left to spend :)

I have a picture of my Mega Sale run but have it on a different memory card so I'll post that one tomorrow.

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