Thursday, February 4, 2010

Groceries for 2/1-2/7

I've done a really bad job of keeping ya'll updated on my challenge progress. I promise I have stuck to my $60 grocery budget each week! To make up for it, here is a picture of my shopping this week:

I made three stops on Tuesday. One to Kroger, one to Aldi and one to Schnucks. It is Mega Sale time at Kroger...that means if you buy 10 participating items you get an additional $5 off your total or .50c per item. Pair this sale with coupons and you've got yourself some GREAT deals! I love Mega Sale time! Here's the breakdown:

Aldi: 2 lbs ground beef, Romaine hearts, 1 carton of fat free chicken broth, 2 bags of apples, 1 bag of oranges, Reduced Fat Sour Cream, grape tomatoes:
Paid: $14.08
Savings of Comparable grocery prices: $14.69 or 51%

Schnucks: 7 bags of birdseye frozen vegetables on sale for $1.
Total before sale and coupons: $14.43
Paid: $4.67
Savings: $9.76 or 68%

Kroger: 4 boxes capri sun, 2 turkey chili, 3 Hunts Tomatoes, 3 Chex Mix, 1 Cheerio snack mix, 1 Tropicana Juice, 1 Nut Cluster, 2 sandwich meat, 2 Goldfish crackers, Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars, bananas, 1 cucumber, Grapes, marked down bread and 2 rolls reduced fat sausage.
Total before sales and coupons: $77.47
Paid: $27.54
Savings: $49.93 or 64%

Shelf Price of Items: $ $120.67
Total Spent: $46.30 for 43 items!
Overall Savings: $74.37 or 62%

This leaves me $13.70 UNDER budget! Yay!

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Anna said...

Fantastic job!!!