Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I don't know if any of you tried out the BBQ chicken recipe using Greek Yogurt but here is another great grilling recipe to add it to. The moisture the yogurt will add to your burgers is out of this world! If you have other ingredients you love putting into your hamburgers then use your recipe and add the greek yogurt to that. Making your burgers like this will ensure that each hamburger you make will be the same size and therefore all burgers will cook evenly and be done at the same time. Fabulous! I may thing the lid method is the best thing since sliced bread :)

1 lb ground beef (I've found 80-85 lean to be the best)
2 Tbs plain greek yogurt
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
ground pepper to taste

Mix meat and other ingredients in a bowl, set aside. Find a lid about 5 inches wide.
Line the lid with foil (optional) or spray with non stick cooking spray for ease of removal.
Using a fork or spoon, flatten ground meat into "mold"

Remove patty, grill and enjoy your perfectly even, same size hamburgers!

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Anna said...

As you know, I'm the Greek yogurt queen! It is so versatile! I love Fage but Chobani is what they sell here and it's very good too. If you make turkey burgers (lean) they can be dry so adding the yogurt helps. Another way to make burgers juicier is to add mashed avocadoes to the meat mixture. I know alot of people like avocado slices ON the burger, but it's good IN the burger!!
Here is a link to a blog that I think you will really enjoy - plus today's recipe uses Greek yogurt! She has great recipes and cooking tips.


And it's kid friendly too! If you make them, please blog it :)