Monday, August 30, 2010

Target Heads Up

When we were at Target this morning I found tubs of Hillshire Farms Lunch Meat with $3/2 peelies on them! They are regularly priced $3.02 at Target so that makes them just $1.51 each. If you find this coupon at Kroger, they will sometimes be on sale for $2.49 making them just $0.99 each after coupon - that's a great deal! Also, the Hot and Spicy Mayo is on clearance for $1.14 (my store has had a ton on an end cap for a while) and there are $1/1 peelies on various Oscar Mayer lunch meat products (no lunch meat purchase is required) making them just $0.14 each after coupon. There were also tons of 1/2 price clearance freezer items to be looking for next time you go. Have you found any great random deals lately?

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