Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny Cake

This is such a fun cake to make with kids and you can really get as creative as you want with it! Add fun details like rabbit teeth out of white jelly beans. My Mom made this one for my boys. Isn't he cute?
The actual cake can be any flavor you want. I love to make a jell-o or coconut cake and then cut the ears and bow tie out once it has set but you can do whatever you like.

Two tips:
1) Use the frozen coconut instead of the pre-sweetened bags. It will transform your cake into something extra marvelous!

2) If you dont want to do a bunny theme, you could easily put the cake in 9x13 and cut a cross out of it. Decorate a beautiful cross in remembrance of our Savior!

Here are a few more ideas from Easter last year.

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