Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Savings - 4/23

I did a few coupon trips buy only took a picture of my Walmart run - I got all of this for $5.77. You can read more about that here.
I also took advantage of the Diapers/Wipes deal at Walgreens in addition to 2 brownie mixes, 2 cake mixes, a Reach toothbrush and some free Goody's hair clips. I'm about to head out again and grab a few more deals so I'll post that when I have a chance later. Other than coupon deals I bought a bunch of produce at Aldi and look forward to marked down Hams on Monday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and will have a Happy Easter!

Share your savings this week with us in the post or the comment section!

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Missy said...

I used the $3.00 off the Nivea bodywash - it was $3.00 at Wal-Mart , so I got 4 for FREE!!! Loved it!