Monday, May 3, 2010

Freezer Cooking - The Aftermath

Well, I did it...and if I never smell poultry roasting/making stock ever again it will be too soon! Ha! The pan I had to catch the turkey drippings started smoking and smelled our whole house up - blech. Fortunately, the turkey turned out fab.u.lous. If you have never brined before then you must do it next time!

A small confession here: I blogged about how freezer cooking would help you to not eat out but last night the only thing I wanted to do was eat out. We didn't but I sure was feeling lazy. Yeesh. This wore me out! I was productive though, here's what I got done:

6 grilled chicken breast
4 'cartons' of stock (16 1/2 cups)
8 cups of roasted chicken, diced
6 cups of roast turkey, diced
20 slices of turkey breast for sandwiches
sauteed steak tips (found in the freezer and desperately needed to be cooked)
8 breakfast pockets
2 quiches (cut into enough for 3 meals)
sloppy joes x2
spaghetti meat x1
8 mini meatloaves (enough for 2 meals)
mississippi pound cake x 1
Total: 12 complete meals plus 14 cups of cooked chicken/turkey to use for dinner!

My personal way of "freezer cooking" is to make a large batch of whatever it is that I'm making and put half of it in the freezer for another time. This works really well for us since our family is so small. I'm really glad I did this though and I know that the concentrated time I spent cooking this weekend will result in more time spent with my family during the month of May. Also, I'm excited about having a digital record of what I have in my freezer. When I go to menu plan I can reference this and know what I already have in the freezer to work with. Sure beats digging around like a crazy person in my not upright, but still fabulous deep freeze. This was my first time doing this big of a freezer cooking day.  How did you do? Do you have a favorite way of "freezer cooking"?

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Madison said...

Where in the world did you get these organizational skills? When you come to FL this summer you'll have to reteach me the coupon thing again...this time I'll write it down. Love ya