Monday, November 22, 2010

Mental Health Monday: Back to Basics Week 4

Let it Shine

I'm kind of sad that this is the last week of this challenge. I feel like I have been changed in many ways because of it - I am definitely more aware of how far away from basic my life really is. I REALLY enjoyed the squash last week, I found myself just eating it by the cubes! If you have not ever eaten fall squash before, I definitely recommend it. I'm sad I have waited so long to enjoy it myself.

This week's challenge falls right in line with Thanksgiving. My challenge to you is to write a hand written thank you letter to someone. Not just a generic thank you note, but a real letter, in your handwriting detailing all of the things you are really thankful for about that person. Put that letter in an envelope and mail it. Take the time and energy to showcase your gratitude. No emails, no text messages - just real. I bet you have no idea how much that person will treasure your letter...well, not at least until after you write it.

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