Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu Plan 8/2-8/8

I've had a few requests pertaining menu and freezer planning so I'm going to do a few in depth posts about how to menu plan and freezer cook this week. I hope y'all will get some great information out of it and your family will have a smoother dinner routine as a result. Here is our plan for the week. It's pretty basic but then again, aren't the best weeks when we go simple and enjoy the extra time we have because of it? Oh and it's a million degrees outside, so channeling my inner Martha Stewart can wait!

Monday: Taco Salad
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken, Rosemary Sweet Potatoes, Corn/Zucchini Toss
Wednesday: Baked Fish, Confetti Rice and Steamed Broccoli
Thursday: Breakfast Burritos and Fruit Salad
Friday: Greek Chicken Pizza
Saturday: Sunday School "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
Sunday: Hamburgers, Baked Beans and Oven Baked Fries

I'm planning on putting together a list of things to cook for the freezer but more of that to come later this week :) As always, all of the best menu plans are at OrgJunkie!

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Vonda Axe said...

Love the meal planning ideas. Juzt need to stay motivated to keep it going. Meal times are so much less stressful for me when I have a plan for the week.